PCCY changes name to Children First: The Advocate for Kids

For 40 years Public Citizens for Children and Youth has put children first.

Now, we’re making it official.  As of today, PCCY’s name will formally be Children First.

By packaging the past 40 years of PCCY success and strength under the new name Children First, we are issuing a directive, setting a tone, and igniting a rally cry for the next 40 years – policy makers, politicians, and presidents, we must put Children First.

This is more than a name change.  This is a fitting and timely recognition that the needs and new challenges of today require a stronger, focused effort. Our new name succinctly describes our 40-year mission of putting children first.  Same strength and same commitment combined with new opportunities and a new name: Children First.

Born in a city of so many firsts, Children First has led the charge for children by considering all their needs, all the risks they must maneuverer around, and all the challenges that they are forced to face in order to succeed.

Our comprehensive, unimpeachable research defines the problem and sets the table for a solution. With hard-hitting advocacy powered by teachers, service providers, physicians, parents, and even politicians, we open doors for children. Now, inspired by the children we fight for, we are putting Children First on the office door.

Children First. Today and every day.