Homeless youth coalition starts recruitment drive

The Philly Homes 4 Youth Coalition is conducting a recruitment drive among currently and formerly homeless youth to join its advocacy campaign for homes.

Tyffani Rudolph, a formerly homeless youth herself, is a VISTA AmeriCorps volunteer with the Coalition, which was formed to end youth homelessness in the Philadelphia area. Her team and its mission is to engage young people who have been homeless or concerned about youth homelessness, as well as provider agencies and staff that work with young people who are at risk of homelessness, and people generally who care about preventing youth homeless and are ready to do something about it.

"Building a team and coming up with a strong plan to end youth homelessness won’t happen without you guys’ help," says Rudolph. "We need you."

Members of the Coalition are asked to attend monthly virtual meetings as well as participate in one of several committees to advance the Coalition's advocacy to City agencies and others to work harder on preventing youth homelessness and helping youth who are already at risk or homeless to achieve stability in their lives.

"There is no fee to be a PH4Y member," Rudolph says. "All you need to do is show up." Youth with lived experience of homelessness who participate will receive a stipend for their participation.

To sign up for the Philly Homes 4 Youth Coalition, go here.