UWP grants available to reach underserved groups with vaccine

The United Way of Pennsylvania is administering a grant program to help nonprofit and faith-based organizations connect hard-to reach populations statewide with COVID-19 vaccinations, including boosters and vaccines for children.

The Local Innovations in Vaccine Equity in Pennsylvania project (LIVE PA) is a partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to reduce vaccine hesitancy and ensuring an equitable vaccine distribution throughout the Commonwealth. A total of $4.63 million is available, including $630,000 for faith- based organizations.

“This grant is designed to help bring the financial resources to support small nonprofits, churches, other community and neighborhood organizations with the relationship power to increase equitable vaccine distribution,” said Kristen Rotz, President of United Way of Pennsylvania.

With a reimbursement rate of $10 per shot achieved, including boosters, the grants are designed initially to range from $400 to $40,000 per vaccination event. Organizations will also be funded $10 per direct person to person outreach leading up to a vaccination or booster event targeting hard to reach communities. The grant requires that the organizations involved promote the events using traditional and digital media to help fight vaccine hesitancy.

Events should be designed to reach the vulnerable populations a nonprofit or faith-based organization serves and can range from neighborhood block parties to door-to-door vaccine distribution or anything in-between.

Vulnerable populations include, but are not limited to, African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, people who are elderly and isolated, people who are experiencing homelessness, and people who do not have access to technology. United Way can help community organizations find a certified vaccine partner.

LIVE PA is a collaboration between the Wolf Administration’s Office of Advocacy and Reform and the Departments of Health and Human Services, working closely with the United Way of Pennsylvania to fund hyper-local, grassroots nonprofit organizations to partner with certified vaccine providers to help the populations they serve overcome barriers to vaccination.

The grant application is available here.