Homeless youth coalition presses City on new federal funds

The Philly Homes 4 Youth Coalition, which represents over 30 service provider agencies and over 50 youth and young adults with lived experience of homelessness, has demanded that the City and the Office of Homeless Services set aside 20% of the American Rescue Plan funds ($42 million) they have received for the needs of homeless youth and young adults.

The group has submitted a series of proposals to the City on how the resulting $8.4 million should be spent. The proposals include development of a program for the recruitment, retention and support of landlords will to rent to "transition-aged" youth; youth navigators to help connect homeless youth to services; homelessness prevention programs; specialized housing for homeless youth; and a variety of other health and social service programs.

To review the proposals, go here. To sign a petition calling on City Council to support the Coalition's demands, go here.