Black mothers with children in foster care sought for study

New York University, Silver School of Social Work and New York Foundling invite birth parents to share their input. Please consider an immediate opportunity to be involved in a research project about Black birth mothers impacted by the child welfare/protective system related to child neglect.

The research project will explore the experiences of Black birth mothers involved with child protective services and subsequent participation in prevention programs. Completing the survey will take approximately 30 minutes and participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card for their time.

This research study is aimed at understanding how Black birth mothers experience child protective services. For instance, sometimes families are hurt because child neglect is misunderstood from the perspectives of moms. Overall, we want to do a better job of understanding parenting decisions. The purpose is to help the system pay closer attention to the realities and perspectives of Black moms and their decisions.

Requirements for participating are as follows:

  • Older than 18 years old
  • Identification as a Black birth mother
  • Experience with Child Welfare/Protective Services in your area and/or child welfare services agencies, such as the New York Foundling, specifically regarding child neglect
  • Access to a Smart Phone or Computer to complete an electronic survey

If you are interested in participating and meet the criteria, please contact Dr. Darcey Merritt and text  “SURVEY” to 323-212-5191 or send an email here. All information is anonymous and confidential.