RSVP offers workshop on boosting Board engagement

Strategies for Boosting Your Board’s Engagement
Tuesday, May 24 |
10:00am - 11:30am | Zoom


Here you are, mission established, fundraising initiated, processes in place. Everything is working well and your services are impacting the community you serve in a positive way. But one challenging area exists: fully engaging your board. . A committed board is CRITICAL to mission success in every aspect of your nonprofit's operations.

So how can you get your board fully engaged? This workshop will demonstrate successful ways to motivate and energize your board members, and incorporate necessary recognition, education, and development. The presenters will review and demonstrate practices that result in building a successful board. Because when your board succeeds, your mission succeeds.

This workshop is presented by RSVP VEC. VEC (Volunteer Executive Consultants) provides free managerial assistance to nonprofits through consulting and educational services, improving capacity and performance.

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