In Support of Democracy: What Nonprofits CAN Do

In our everyday busyness, we often relegate lobbying and engaging with our elected officials to the end of our task list. However, many nonprofits exist because of inequitable laws, regulations, policies, and practices. Thus, we must prioritize this work.

As a 501(c)(3), your organization can lobby and promote civic engagement with every level of government – local, state, and federal.  You are a trusted resource in your community. You have earned that trust. Now is the time to use it.

Click here for more, including a checklist of allowable items for nonprofits (as well as a list of the ever-important "don'ts").

We Can Do This – We Must Do This

We need both courage and encouragement. But we can do this – together.

From the checklist at the link above, pick at least one thing you plan to do, and let us know. We'll share the stories of what is working (or not) so we can support each other as we find ways to support democracy.

In a time when everything is seen through a political lens, we see this as an opportunity simply to encourage everyone to fully participate in our democratic system. We seek to protect the unalienable rights of every human, and look forward to doing this with you.

In Support of Democracy,

    Beth Docherty, PANO Board Chair
    Anne Gingerich, PANO Executive Director
    Ifeoma Aduba, PANO Strategy Committee Chair
    Mark Aurand, PANO Public Policy Committee Chair
    Mary Bula, PANO Governance Committee Chair
    Tolu Omodara, PANO Racial Justice Committee Chair

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