DBH funding initiative offers $10k for youth, nonprofit projects

Operated by the Philadelphia ReCAST Initiative, this special funding initiative gives up to $10,000 to each qualified project that aims to create safe spaces for youth/young adults, address stress and trauma/build resilience, beautify neighborhoods, or provide training on trauma and youth mental health, etc.

  • Both youth members and nonprofit organizations can apply.
  • The online application form is simple to fill out.
  • The goal of the proposed project is to prevent violence and/or address trauma and resilience by engaging community youth.
  • Youths involved in the project are from the one of more of the six focus neighborhoods: Nicetown-Tioga, Sharswood-Stanton, Strawberry Mansion, Mill Creek-Parkside, Cobbs Creek, and Paschall-Kingsessing.
  • The review committee aims to fund as many qualified projects as possible.
  • The review committee will reach out to each applicant and help with developing or refining their project plan.
  • It's a GREAT opportunity for a youth leader (18 to 24 years) to learn how to apply for grants and manage a nonprofit project.
  • It's a GREAT opportunity for a youth leader (18 to 24 years) to act on a social cause, to practice with self-motivation and self-regulation, and make connections with the wider world.
  • It's a GREAT opportunity for agencies to fund youth-focused activities, programs, or trainings.
  • Info sessions are available to interested parties that answer questions regarding the application.

Similar funding opportunities will be open soon! Go here for details.