Additional PA pandemic SNAP food payments end this month

Extra SNAP is ending!

The extra SNAP payment, officially called Emergency Allotments, will end in February 2023.

Starting in March, you will only get your regular SNAP payment loaded to your EBT card in the first half of the month. There will be no second payment later in the month.

WHAT SHOULD I DO?  Without the extra SNAP, your benefit amount is based on your income and the expenses the program allows you to report.  You should report up-to-date information as soon as possible so that you are receiving all of the benefits you are eligible for.

You might want to check to see whether your regular SNAP amount is correct.  If you are already getting the maximum benefit for your household size, you cannot get more.  The SNAP benefits calculator from Community Legal Services can help you figure out if you could be getting more.  If the calculator says you should be getting more, it may be that the CAO is counting the wrong income, or doesn’t know about all your expenses.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND ALL OF YOUR SNAP BENEFIT. You can keep SNAP benefits on your EBT card as long as you want, so long as you use the card once every 9 months to keep it active. If you find that the extra SNAP is giving you a little more money for food than you need to spend, you can save it to spend in a later month, to provide a little wiggle room when the second paymenrs end in March 2023.

Make sure you report important changes, like:

  • Your address:   You may miss important updates if the CAO does not have your current address.
  • Your income and the income of others in your SNAP household.  Did you lose work hours or have your pay cut? If you are earning less, you may qualify for more SNAP benefits.
  • Your expenses and other allowable deductions.

Are you paying more for child care? If you are a senior or have a disability, do you pay more than $35 in medical expenses per month? Providing proof of these expenses may help you qualify for more SNAP. Learn more about medical deductions here.

Report a Change in ONE of the Following Ways:

  • Call the Customer Service Center at 877-395-8930 (PA) or 215-560-7226 (Philly only)
  • Using the MyCOMPASS PA mobile app (free on the Apple App or Google Play Store)
  • Visit your local County Assistance Office (CAO) to report changes in person. If you are in Philadelphia, look up your CAO here or see a list of all CAOs in Pennsylvania.

Other Resources

  • Find local resources including food pantries.
  • Philaedelphia, Bucks and Chester counties: call the Coalition Against Hunger’s SNAP hotline at 215-430-0556 or fill out the online SNAP help form  for help with your application, SAR, or Annual Recertification.
  • Community Legal Services can help if you live in Philadelphia and your SNAP is cut off or denied, or if you think the benefit amount is wrong. Call CLS for current hours.
  • Pregnant or have kids under the age of 5? If you receive SNAP, you qualify for WIC. Learn more and start the WIC application process.
  • Seniors age 60 and up can get a box of food monthly through the Senior Food Box Program.