HFU hosts webinar on Crisis Intervention & De-escalation (CE Credits)

Crisis Intervention & De-escalation

In this session, presenters will provide an introduction to crisis management and strategies for effective de-escalation of clients experiencing acute mental health distress.

Content will address common physical, psychological, and environmental factors precipitating the onset of crisis and provide intervention strategies for low and medium stress cycles to prevent further escalation.

Attendees will be invited to reflect on difficult experiences in the workplace and understand the importance of self-awareness and self-reflection when facing clients in crisis. Facilitators will also provide resources for dealing with crisis scenarios beyond the scope of the agency’s abilities.

This webinar will occur on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 at 1:30pm ET

Ryan Villagran, LSW
Training Specialist
Housing First University, Pathways To Housing PA

Khalil Martin, LSW
Training Specialist
Housing First University, Pathways To Housing PA

Fees: $20 general registration; additional $5 for registration with social work CE credit

Social Work Continuing Education Credit: 2 clinical continuing education credits*
*CE credit is available to licensed social workers ONLY. Due to current regulations, CE credits cannot be offered to social workers in the states of New Jersey or New York.

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