Caps4Kids is an online one-stop-shop for family resources

What Is Cap4Kids?

Are you looking for reliable, up-to-date information about resources in the Philadelphia area for children and families? You’ve come to the right place! Cap4Kids will help you find many community agencies that exist to improve or enhance the lives of children, teens and families.

How Does Cap4Kids Work?

On the website please become familiar with the Parent Handouts to the left. They are the backbone of this project. They are broken down by category and within each handout, you will find a description of the social service agency, their address, and a phone number. You may also find a link to the agency’s web site that you can access and learn more about that agency. You can also easily print any parent handout by clicking on the handout, or subcategory, and choosing print from your web browser. You can also print a single resource by clicking on it. Your selected parent handout will be sent to your printer in a custom printer friendly format.  Click print, then pdf and viola!

Access all the valuable resources and learn more here.