Philadelphia to host 2023 convening of Black educators

The Center for Black Educator Development is thrilled to be hosting the 6th annual Black Men in Education Convening #BMEC2023 on November 16 – 18, 2023.

#BMEC2023 will be a live experience in Philadelphia PA, we are looking to transform the education sector by recruiting, retaining, supporting, and activating more Black men to support and lead the work of revolutionizing the educational system.

Through #BMEC2023, we are continuing our tradition of educational activism, professional development, and organizing by convening Black men in education and those who support them to build community with each other through tactical thoughts, words, and actions that will help us to collectively change the lives of students and the school communities in which we serve. Our orientation is to lean and stand on the shoulders of our giants and heroes so that we may lift as we climb.

This in-person convening will feature live sessions that will provide participants with a unique, communal, empathetic space to discuss the deep emotional, intellectual, and trajectory-altering work that revolutionary Black men educator-activists engage in on a daily basis.

Our empowering agenda of speakers, panel discussions, and workshops (which we’ll share soon!) will inform, inspire, and activate Black men and others in the educational ecosystem to continue leading with humility and courage.

Learn more and register today for the Black Men in Education Convening #BMEC2023.